Larger Terrain Generation?

My Problem

I am having trouble with the size limit on ROBLOX’s native terrain generator.

What I’m Looking For

An alternative way to generate a larger sized terrain which is larger than the ‘1024’ provided via the terrain editor.

Anyone actually know an alternative to this, or am I stuck with a really odd terrain which I’d have to build upon myself.


You can’t increase the size any further with the vanilla generator. But you can use plugins to create larger pieces of terrain. Only thing you’re limited to is the max size of a part, which is 2048 studs.



I actually modified Roblox’s built in terrain plugin to obtain extreme terrain sizes by increasing the max terrain size variable, however this method is not stable.

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You can create a modified version of the vanilla generator with a larger generation size.

There’s always this alternative though can’t promise it’ll be easy.

Well if your into smooth terrain and just smooth terrain then the answers are usually unstable it is not designed for sandbox games like Unreal engien sculpt terrain option.

Homever if what your looking for is an alternative to smooth terrain i have come to make Kilometers and kilometers of Triangle terrain that look smooth, with 0% Collision issues and can be sculpted or made out of Heightmaps.

Heres an example:


reviving a dead thread here but could you tell me how you did this? i’m importing terrain maps and i want the size to be larger than the max of 16384 studs but i’m not sure how. many thanks

I was referring to the max brush size as using brushes was what the terrain plugin was capable of doing at the time of my reply. I don’t think there’s a way to modify the max size for importing terrain maps as this involves uploading to the website.