Laser gun that destroys blocks

I am trying to create a laser gun that, when LMB is held down, shoots a laser that can destroy blocks

I have almost no scripting knowledge and I don’t know where I can read and learn about how to create this.

Main problem:

How would I make the laser go from the tip of the gun to the position of the mouse?

My goal:

Making the player able to destroy the blocks by melting them, then earning money from it

My experience:

I have already created something similar to this but without a shooting laser. When a player hits blocks with a hammer they break and the player earns money depending on the type of hammer used.

I will not make a full script for you, but I will point you in the right direction

For your main problem, you can use Raycasting. Use the gun as the origin for the ray and Mouse.Hit()
as the direction

These tutorials should give you an idea about raycasting

And there are youtube tutorials on Raycasting

Thank you so much, I will look into this later tonight. And yeah I do not want anyone to write scripts for me, I wanna learn : )