Latest Physics changes broke Prison Royale

My game Prison Royale - Roblox hasn’t been updated in months. Within the past couple days I’ve started to get reports of guns not working so I checked it out. I tried to debug but don’t actually know what the problem is, I just have this error which tells me that my Motor6D’s no longer have their Part1 set, and that’s the only hint I have to give.

Curious. @ContextLost

I tweeted at you about this, do you know if this game had Workspace::AutoJointsMode - Default? And does switching to “LegacyImplicit” fix it if it does?

That has indeed fixed it.

Interesting. So it seems like this is at fault:

Do you have any other details on how things were failing? The Motor6D was just missing a part reference?

Yeah basically it’s an animation system that I made that forces Part0/Part1 on everything then relies on it for animations. At some point switching on this feature messes with it and I have no idea where to even begin looking (I’ve traced the error back like 3-4 scripts but it doesn’t give me any hints since the code is fine)

You modify Part0 and Part1 after the game is loaded, right?

Please take a look at the list of behavior changes in this original post (under the “What’s Changing” header) and see if anything jumps out to you.

Keep in mind we’re planning to force Explicit as the only option by February 4th unless we get reports of actual bugs or unintended behavior changes, so opting out now is only a temporary fix.

I looked through the list and couldn’t find anything. What’s really confusing me is that I tend to set Part0/Part1 on everything either by hand in code or manually in Studio. I have no idea why this would happen. This is kind of a mess but here’s the old code I have that runs the EquipGun function, which is responsible for creating the weapons/joints when something is equipped. The problem lies somewhere in here but it looks fine to me.

Been doing some more research. If I turn the feature on (Explicit) then I get duplicate joints with empty Part0/Part1s. I don’t know why this happens, but the actual joints I spawned have full joints (Part0/Part1 are in tact)

Any update on this @ScriptOn?

If you’ve fixed it, mind posting the solution so other people who may have this same problem can fix it?