Latest roblox update causes massive freezes when loading in and server crashes

Issue Type: Freezing
Impact: Critical
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-03-08 16:03:00 (+01:00)
Date Last Experienced:

Reproduction Steps:
Since today, i started getting reports from players that they cant load in their massive creations anymore and that the servers are crashing whenever they load in their creation.

Anything over 6000 (voxel blocks placed) will crash the server, anything above 2000 will cause massive lagspikes and freezes when loading in.

Public servers are literally crashing right now because of this issue causing tons of people to lose their progress.

Once the massive lag spike is over, there is no FPS drop and the physics fps is actually improved compared to 1 week ago.

This has never happened before, this issue started showing up since today and is not an effect from me updating the game as all of the servers were reset at the time i updated the game.

I dont have repro steps as its a critical error for my game and i dont have time to investigate it right now. (its almost 1AM)

This freeze affects every single player ingame aswell, so if a single player spawns in a 4000 blocks creation, the whole server goes down with him into the lagspike.

Expected Behavior:
The creations to not freeze for this long when loading in and also never crash the server.

Actual Behavior:
The player spawns in and after the blocks were loaded in and unanchored, his client froze for 30 seconds.

If he had just a littlebit more blocks, he would’ve crashed the entire server.



I enabled something this morning, but it in no way should affect servers (the feature was only enabled on PC Clients).

Is there a way for me to join a game with someone loading a large creation?


This is happening in my game Club Iris, it took me 5 or 6 attempts of closing and reopening my game just to get in. Hopefully this gets fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I also have alot of players reporting in my server that it’s happening to them as well. People complaining their computer crashes and the game freezes, etc.

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When have you been starting to get those reports? Joining your game with the feature on or off seems to have a 5 second hanging at the start.

EDIT: I’ve been receiving reports on-and off since around early-mid February, but we’ve been getting them alot more recently (between march 2nd and now)




Alot of users have been noting that Club Iris is the only game on Roblox that this happens to them on.

I did recently update the game around 10 minutes before you joined, I disabled Friend Join Notifications as for some reason it was spamming and lagging the server. Not sure if thats relevant but loading times and server ping seem to have been a bit better since then.

It’s likely an unrelated issue but I’ve noticed alot of my game servers’ total data KB/S have been spiking to well into the gigabytes aswell as server ping being around 2000ms… could be an exploiter but I’m just pointing this out

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Hm… I haven’t been able to join this game. And due to it having multiple parts and stuff, it probably has something to do with this. An empty VIP Server doesn’t have that problem, as there are not too much parts.

But, to me, at least here, I don’t get freezes or anything. I just literally can’t join. The ping will stay at “0” and I’ll be stuck with nothing loaded with only the skybox there.

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Yes there is, this is the game link and i have sent you a private server in a private message.

The fps is massively improved for massive creations, but there is a massive freeze when you spawn in (unanchor) the creation, this probably is happening because it has to calculate a ton at first to allow for better performance afterwards.

I’ve rolled back the update to collision detection. There were enough incidents reported to where I have data to verify locally myself, but I don’t want to cause service interruption.

Apologies for the issues.


Looks like some sort of client-start hang is still occurring. (Tested on PC Client)

Hangs window on “Joining Server” for several (5+ seconds) when client starts up - didn’t happen a few days ago.