Leaderboard GUI bug

I am looking to fix my Custom Leaderboard GUI

I have not yet tested the GUI to my testers but my gut tells me that this will only show the cash value of the local player in game and not the Currentplayer name it is displaying.

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Cash = player:WaitForChild(“leaderstat”):WaitForChild(“Cash”) "

The Text Code—
“PlayerName.Text = CurrentPlayer.Name … " $” … tostring(Cash.Value)"
The reason why my gut is saying this is because of this "

My scripting team is just me and chat gdt. I do not consider myself to be a scripter because of my lack of knowledge. This should be a easy fix for experience scripters.

Who ever gets it right will get a solution check.


There is maybe mistake while making a code with ChatGPT.
The code that you have provided uses unknown variables, such as: “PlayerName” and “CurrentPlayer”.
If you want to display players name then you have to read it with player.Name or you can read his display name player.DisplayName.

The players name is not the problem because the GUI displays the player name correctly. The problem is the cash value. It shows the local player cash value. I want the the GUI to show the Cash value of the current player it is showing.

Can you provide more lines from the script and describe the issue some more?

I made this post in a hurry, I remade a better one here Help needed, Leaderboard Cash - #3 by Doomcolp Sorry!