Legacy Ui Toggle - Plugin


Legacy Ui Toggle is a simple yet extremely helpful plugin!

As you probably know in a recent Studio update, Roblox moved the Toggle Ui button to the View tab
I added the button back so you can toggle your Ui quickly without needing to go to your View tab first.

Ui enabled

Ui disabled

That’s all to it, a single button but a very important and helpful button.

You can download the plugin here on the marketplace


Seems like this plugin will become frustrating to use after a while, naturally given time people will run into cases where they need a UI or something in that specific corner and cannot turn that button off.

you mean the button itself obscuring someone’s UI work?

I do UI work and never ran into that issue and if that is an issue you can just disable the plugin for the time being, sadly I cannot put the image onto the program itself

But whats the point if you can add the old button to appear here:

Instead of it always being part of the ui…

if you want to deal with that problem, try making a proximity thing, it slides out when the cursor is close to the corner. should have 2px popping out so it’s still there

I did not know that they added this.
Either way I personally prefer having it on the top right, and maybe that’s just because I’m used to it but others may also prefer it

Interesting idea! I haven’t had many as I said before I never ran into an issue of it being in the way and no one ever complained about it so I dont think im gonna do anything as of now but maybe in the future

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