"liked this" text acts strangely

The following is what happens when you’re 1 like away from a new row:
I’m pretty sure this is DevForum specific, I will try and reproduce it on my own forum at some point

Find a post that’s 1 like away from starting a new row
The text should span 2 lines, and the last line should be a bit wider than it should.

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Turns out I cant reproduce it on my forum because I have the “Beyond Likes” plugin installed.

If anybody else has a Discourse forum and reproduce this it would be nice.


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@DarkPixlz Would you mind sending me the thread from that screenshot?

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It was on this thread

I believe my forum is rebuilding rn so I cant test it even with disabling the Beyond Likes plugin.

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue, are you still seeing it (it looks like you’re using Roblox Dark)?

It’s probably because 2 or 3 more people liked the post, are you able to remove 2 or 3 likes? I’m not super familiar with managing Discourse and all of it’s admin features yet
although as I said my site seems to be breaking again so I cant test it rn sadly

And no, I’m not seeing it bc of the 2 people that liked it.

Interesting, I see the issue. Should be all set now!

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