LiveCharacter [Module] - Live character/avatar updates while in-game! [No more resetting!]

Hi everyone, i’m here to show a module i’ve made that update’s your roblox character in-game the moment you change your avatar from the website.

  • So why is this useful?

It’s useful for roleplaying games where someone doesn’t have to reset and walk all the way back to where they previously were as some games could be very large so it’d be annoying to have to travel back, but just in general not having to reset and having your avatar in-game update on the go make’s this a very useful utility for games ranging to all genres.

PROS & CONS | Read


  • What are the pro’s of this module?

This module is ran on the server, this allows for better security so you’re assured that no exploiter can utilize this to abuse your games to any effective extent.

This module also replicates every avatar change you make on the website and that it updates within just a second. (This differs a tiny bit to R15 characters - Read cons)


  • What are the cons’s of this module?

This module is only limited to only handling servers with 150 players maximum (which should be enough) due to roblox throttling requests from in-game to 300 http requests per minute.

Another con is that this doesn’t unfortunately replicate R15 character meshes (Avatar bundles) because currently they aren’t modifiable on R15 rig types only R6. (I will however release a update for this if roblox does decide to support it anytime in the future so don’t worry!)


Video Demo - Watch to see how this replicates in-game!

Demo Game - Play this game to try it for yourself!

Module - Get it here!



Example usage :

auto-updates every player’s character on join

local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local LiveCharacter = require(LiveCharacterModule) -- Define path here!

local LiveCharacterController = LiveCharacter:autoUpdatePlayerAppearance(playerObject)

Every function’s first argument has to be a player object

ignoreList is a argument that takes a table, if not included in as a argument to a function the module will not apply any ignoring to anything

if the value of one of the keys is set to true it will ignore it, if it’s set to false it will not ignore it.

      IgnoreAccessoryUpdates = true,
      IgnoreShirtUpdates = true,
      IgnorePantsUpdates = true,
      IgnoreTShirtUpdates = true,
      IgnoreHeadMeshUpdates = true,
      IgnoreBundleUpdates = true,
      IgnoreFaceUpdates = true,
      IgnoreBodyColorUpdates = true,

it does not have to be this entire table in the argument it can also simple just be

         IgnoreAccessoryUpdates = true,
         IgnorePantsUpdates = false,

Function/Methods : autoUpdatePlayerAppearance
Args (1 : playerObject, 2 : ignoreList (optional argument) )
Info : Automatically updates a player

local LiveCharacterController = LiveCharacter:autoUpdatePlayerAppearance(playerObject, ignoreList)
LiveCharacterController:toggleAutoUpdating(boolean) --> true/false (will pause or unpause the auto updating)
LiveCharacterController:Disconnect() --> will completely stop the auto updating

Function : updatePlayerAppearance
Args : (1 : playerObject, 2 : ignoreList (optional argument) )
Info : Updates a player only once

local LiveCharacterController = LiveCharacter:updatePlayerAppearance(playerObject, ignoreList) --> updates a player normally like autoUpdatePlayerAppearance but only updates once

Update Log - Last update 1/14/2021

Log - 1/14/2021

  • Applied R15 Animation changing
  • Ignore list - IgnoreAnimations

Log - 1/14/2021

  • Added a security patch to accessories (due to exploiters parenting them into workspace)
  • Added R15 Avatar scaling update | IgnoreList - IgnoreBodyScaleUpdates

Log - 1/13/2021

  • Bug fixes
  • Overall code quality improvements
  • Methods for autoUpdatePlayerAppearance (check docs for usage)
    toggleAutoUpdating - Function
    Disconnect - Function
  • IgnoreList argument for autoUpdatePlayerAppearance and updatePlayerAppearance (check docs for usage)

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This is awesome!

You should just add a tutorial on how to set it up.


Interesting idea, but you should reduce the rate of updates. It doesn’t need to update immediately, would be better if it was every 10 seconds or something. That would allow it to work in larger servers.


I question your sanity. This must’ve taken forever to create!


I am working on a better handler for that, i should expect it to support 500 - 700 players soon.


This is cool!
I’m pretty sure Roblox is working on having the character editor be accessible in-game, and that’ll probably make this obsolete, but this is an interesting alternative until then.


Interesting, yet this is so awesome!

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I wish this is used in Robeats. Like really, It’s so annoying to play robeats and change your character. You can’t do anything. It’s aaw.

I really like this, I am 100% using this.

Btw i’m submitting this to
This NEEDS more attention.

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^^ That’s nice of you to do, i’m glad you liked this, more features are on the way. (this was made overnight)

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I found a little glitch, it seems like it doesn’t update BodyParts

I guess that’s the same as what I meant, so it isn’t really a glitch, not sure;

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This was mentioned in the con’s it’s because roblox doesn’t support changing R15 character meshes.This however does work for R6 avatars.

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It also seems like moving around, because its reloading your character causes some problems…

I have applied a patch right now, i’ve updated the module, sorry for the inconvenience! :c


ooh! It works really well! I just inserted into my game like 1 second ago lol It’s so good. I LOVE IT thanks OMG


<3 no need to thank me, glad you’re enjoying it!

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This is really good (haven’t checked the source code, but conceptually this is :ok_hand:)

Awesome job thinking outside the box and improving “the norm”. Will definitely be tracking this as you continue to update/modify it!


This is useful for games in which the player never dies, and character resetting is disabled.
Instead of having to leave the game to update your character, this module can work wonders!


if you could get it to react to changes in body size (by editing the scale values in the humanoid) that’d be nice i think

other than that this is super cool and im considering adding it into my game
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I’ll add this later tomorrow, i initially was going to add it but i got distracted by other stuff. ^^


When will it work for R15 rigs? I’ve tried taking my cat package off, it works in your game, but in mine it doesn’t work, why?
EDIT: could it be im in testing mode…?
EDIT 2: nope, it just doesnt work for me

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