LoadAsset() Update?

It does run the model that existed at the start of the server of the current version.

What you said is a little contradicting. Do you mean that it loads the version at server start or the current version? I’ll test on my own in a second.

Sorry if it’s confusing, what I mean is that it does the current version.

I just tested it and it seems that it gets the version from the start of the server and not the current version. Even Studio seems to act this way for some reason. Or at least the moment it caches it, it won’t update? I’ll have to test that too.

The answer is yes, LoadAsset will cache the asset, and will not load any further “updated” version except that one. The only way (afaik) to get a newer version’s to start a new server. The same goes for if you didn’t own the asset and it failed, it will cache that result, and wont load it even if you purchase it after.


I had experience of Roblox studio for about 7 months and I’m sure it was it’s current version! Unless my brain is just not working right now.

Thank you, is there perhaps a way that I can get the current version? I’m trying to come up with a system where I can update things without a shutdown. Does requiring a model script also only use the cached version?

I would simply create a model and test it out, for me this is the easiest and safest way.

I’m just wondering now:

I know it might be uncomfortable for players that they are kicked out while playing an important game just to get an update, but that’s the way it is.

I wouldn’t update every time you have a public game, but I would gather the small updates and let them go all at once, maybe even writing on the game description that they update at XX:YY and the servers go out to warn the players. I have seen other games that worked like this before.

You can do the cached version also.

Sadly requireing a module also caches the result. The only way to get a newer version (again, afaik) is to start a new server.

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The reason is because occasionally I’ll want to add a small amount of items to a game, for example, and I don’t want to shutdown servers just for those little things. I also want those little things to exist in the game as soon as possible. Yes I could wait for a larger update, but I’d rather be able to update certain parts live if possible.

That’s what I feared… Is there any possible way I could get around this? The only other way I can think of is via web request. Convert the new items into code, then execute that code to generate the new items in-game.

No, I’m sorry mate, but your going to shutdown the servers.

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If you’re looking for a way to update servers without kicking players, you could use Merelys soft shutdown script.

Soft Shutdown


But that script doesn’t work for the situation.

It updates the game without kicking the player. I think it would be a better option than kicking all the players, that’s all.

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Thank you, I think I’ll be using this. However I’ll need to update it to somehow keep certain game states, but I think I can do that with teleport data?

To insert the latest version of an asset without worrying about cache, you should use LoadAssetVersion

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ooooh, thank you very much. I shall check this out

Check out the source code for this ModuleScript I wrote, it uses InsertService:GetLatestAssetVersionAsync and InsertService:LoadAssetVersion to bypass the caching of InsertService:LoadAsset

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