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I am currently making a loading screen and how would I make it so the loading screen is able to tell how many seconds until all of the assets have loaded? Thanks.

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I believe there is no way to tell how much time until all the assets have loaded due to different clients on different PC’s. What you could do is measure the how much time it took to load a asset and then add all the time that were accounted for how much time it took to load the assets up.

For example:

local Counter = 0
   Counter = Counter + 1 -- For every asset loaded, add 1 second.

However, this would count every asset loaded. But you could change that into the time it took.


So all the loading screens that say (for example) “Loading 823/1000 Assets” are fake?

OP said how many seconds until all the assets are loaded, not how much assets are loaded…

Well, could you point me towards a tutorial on a loading screen that shows the remaining assets?

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Sorry for the late reply but sure. Here is a example:

game.Workspace.DescendantAdded:Connect(function() -- So for every descendant added into the workspace we will add +1 to the assets loaded.

script.GUI.LoadingTextUI.Text = "AssetsLoaded: "..tostring(Counter) .. "/"-- how much objects are in your workspace.

So the Text would be AssetsLoaded: 300/400 ( A example), depends on how much objects you have in your workspace.

If you would like you could just take away the AssetsLoaded by all the assets in your game to find out how much remaining assets there are.

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