Loading Screens

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any of y’all DevForum Developers or Upcoming Developers have any links to Loading Screen tutorials. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Novice UI Developer


I’m not sure whether you want a tutorial on loading screen design or API, but this one should help cover the scripting.

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Adding on to that tutorial, you might wanna familiarize yourself with the ContentProvider API in general, specifically, the PreloadAsync function, for adding assets such as textures and audio to the loading queue. By default, assets are only loaded when they are used. Sounds load on the first play, decals load when in the viewport for the first time, etc. This is great for quick streaming load times, but generally ugly and efficient to the end user.

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Check out my UI design guide for some tips on making you’re loading screen:

Additionally, on the scripting end you’d want to learn to use TweenService so you can make some hot loading animations (: