Lock posts after being hidden by flags so they can't be edited

Same here
It’s edited not even the slightest but it managed to bypass.


I’m going to go ahead and bump this, since this is still a problem. I’ve also completely changed the OP, to fit in a bit more with the template, wording things differently, removing unnecessary stuff, etc.

I agree with the non being able to edit part, but I don’t think posts should be locked. My reasoning? A false flag unnecessarily halts conversation until a moderator reaches it, which from my experience can take hours.

However this might not be possible.

I said lock, not close. However I still believe topics should be closed once hidden by flags.

I might be called pedantic for pointing this out, however they are 2 different things on Discourse, so I’m just following that.

The reverse applies – rule-breaking topics staying up for hours is a bigger problem though. And there is no room for abuse – it takes more than 1 person to hide a post/topic, with the exception of more powerful spam flags from TL3+ users, however they are trusted with this along with the other features they get anyway.

If flags are abused moderators can and will take action.


I think I misread that the first time, I apologize.


I feel like no, a lot of times there’s users who abuse the flagging system just because they disagree, I feel like it should only happen if you have a history of bad posts overall;

Is there any proof of this? I’ve never seen this.

Yes you do. I have seen people abusing the flag system once out of the thousands of flagged posts.

This just happened again… It’s very frustrating. This behavior should be shut off, especially for #development-discussion.


I still believe the forum needs this.


Many users that do this are now aware that editing when hidden by flags for the first time will unhide it, which is only more motivation for this feature to be added. At first it may have seemed like they didn’t know, but either way it was (and still is) so common for this to happen to warrant this feature request being added.


This happens daily now with posts I flag or see flagged. I don’t see a reason to keep this feature enabled considering it’s either rarely used for its purpose or never at all. About 1 in 4 of my recent notifications are from when the user edits their hidden post. Every time, no meaningful change is made that would affect whether or not the post is within rules.


I happen to disagree with it. What if someone were to flag the post, and a few minutes later (Assuming its not taken down yet), the person decided to update the post to be more “serious?”

These posts are usually unsalvageable, as in they are too off-topic (e.g general roblox discussion in #development-discussion, but it is specifically for discussing development) or inappropriate that not even infinite edits would get it back on topic while not making replies lose context. Also there is no reason to not be “serious” on the first try.

But, given the amount of times the feature is literally abused or just not used at all, I think any non-malicious use of this feature is outweighed by how much it is abused. We are talking about a literal bypass of moderation. If it doesn’t get flagged a second round it may not be addresed at all.


I was thinking about this, not about locking, because the editing is there for a reason, but why don’t flagged posts get unlisted, or make them not appear in the front page, at least? I feel like that needs to change.

Locking them frmo being edited is necessary so their edit doesn’t clutter user’s notifications, and it would also clear the flags.

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Not sure if this was already mentioned, but could there be a potential system where @system messages the moderators what the post said right when it got x number of flags so that even if the user edits it, the moderators can see what the original message said?

Or better yet, if they don’t already, give them access to see the post’s edit history??

Moderators already have access to edit history.


I really want this to happen as someone’s post in #development-discussion got flagged, but they edited it slightly (I think they changed the title, that’s it) and all the flags got reset. The post isn’t even remotely close to development

I would link the post, but I think that’s considered “calling out”

Edit: Post got hidden again

Would like this as people are over-reacting to flagged posts about something as I got hacked or any other better roblox?

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This feature needs to be added. It is very annoying to see a bunch of notifications popping up every time someone edit the topic and get away with the flag. At least limit the amount of times you can edit after being hidden.