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About Us


Hello, My name is RetroGalacticGamer, but I use DominusInfinitus on the DevForum. I am looking to put together a team of a few people - Long-term, highly active, respectful focused hard-working mature people. In the team section, it will say the types of Devs I am recruiting. The Payment section will show what the payments are, and how things will work out with payments.

By the way, here is my portfolio: Portfolio

The Team
Please Note: If you are able to take on multiple roles, that works too! Don’t take too many, though, and I don’t suggest it if your role is more serious.

@DominusInfinitus - Scripter, Lighting & Environment Designer, Animator & Rigger, Concept Design
@Editorze - Co Builder
@SaOkayMo - Co Builder
@RainbowStachio - Modeler
@Daxer - Modeler
@no_clu360 - UI Designer
@TD_PIayz - Graphics Designer

About The Job

Job Description

This job is going to be long-term, highly collaborative, and fun if we make it that way!
I expect everyone to be ready as soon as they DM me in discord. Have your work prepared, whether that is a showcase or a portfolio, and be ready to tell me why you think you are good for this job.

After you are hired

Once you are hired, it will just be a while after until we have everyone. We will then commence work on our first game.

What our first game will probably be

Our first game is most likely going to be a realistic horror game, with a unique health system in which health is based on real life physical injures more than just a number, and other cool features! We will tell you more about the game in the discord.


For communication, we will be using a discord server with places where devs and our soon to be game community to chat and discuss about topics. If you can, please state your timezone in UTC, (mine being UTC-5 ), and just make an overall friendly introduction! If you also can, it would be nice if you could use voice chat, but if you can’t, you can just listen and type with the voice chat, or something like that. If you can’t do that, I could just type a summary in the discord channel, if highly needed, but at least try to be able to listen in, because it can help our team a lot more!



Payment can work in many ways. Fixed payments are explained in the below paragraph.
For general payment, I can pay in USD or I can pay in robux. USD will probably be a better choice for both percent and fixed payment, however, because you have to have a minimum of 100k robux to exchange, so if that is all we make first month, then we each wouldn’t be able to exchange yet, but if lets say I managed all the money by splitting it up and paying it through PayPal, we could exchange and get our money. I will be paying percent through group funds, and then fixed payments will be through PayPal or group funds. I highly suggest that you all have a PayPal account made, because they are very useful, and we could probably gain more value off the money, since all my money for paying people fixed payments before the game gets running is in cash.

The Payments

@DominusInfinitus - Scripter, Lighting & Environment Designer, Animator & Rigger, etc. - 23%
@Editorze - Co Builder - 19.5% OR Per Build Negotiable
@SaOkayMo - Co Builder - 19.5% OR Per
@RainbowStachio - Modeler + Concept Design - 10% OR Per Mesh or Approved Concept Negotiable
@Daxer - Modeler - 7% OR Per Mesh Negotiable
@no_clu360 - UI Designer - 10% OR Per UI Negotiable
@TD_PIayz - Graphics Designer - 6% OR Per Graphic Negotiable
@TheRestofit - 5% - For extras.

NOTE: Please read the ENTIRE payment section before commenting on it or asking questions, as it explains a lot.

About Fixed Payments

Although I don’t have much right now, I think I can manage to get around $200 in funds from commissions this month. If I manage to get those funds, and you would like to be paid in fixed payment instead, we can negotiate the price. I will probably only be willing to do this for Modelers, UI Designers, and Graphic Designers, so builders will be getting paid in percent. However, If you choose a fixed payment, then your percent will either be lost or highly decreased, and I will put it in the rest of it section. So instead of the percent, the funds will come from the rest of the money, and the money I can provide you with from me. Once we start making money, however, and you have a fixed payment, it will pretty much all come from the rest of it, not from me anymore, because we will have enough to fund it. Keep in mind, however, it you are getting paid a fixed amount, and we make a lot more in that percent you originally had, the rest of the percent that doesn’t go to you will probably go to others or any of the things else that it is used for.

Where the rest of the money is going & Explanations

The Rest Of The money will be going to advertising, group management, website or server management, and recruiting more people (We will most likely pay those people in fixed amounts, and they most likely won’t be long-term). I have evaluated the payments carefully, but they are still negotiable. Any funds left from the 5% that we don’t need for anything else will be given as raises to those working the hardest and doing the best job. And, before you judge me and say that the payments are unfair, I understand that jobs for the ones who usually get paid less are still very hard, but they will not have to do as much in this team’s case, and, I am doing a majority of the jobs for a very cheap percent. And finally, if needed, I can take some out of what I make and give it to them.

The roles that are filled up by me, rather than scripting, are highly lowered due to the fact that I want all the roles to get fair pay, and to hire less people. Along with the roles I have, I might help out UI Designers a little bit.

Payments will also be furthermore negotiated in discord if needed.

Contact Us

You can contact me here at my discord tag, and it would also help if you left a reply saying you are DM-ing me on discord. Discord Tag: RetroGalacticGamer#9213
You must be Long-term, highly active, respectful, focused, hard-working, and mature to apply.

Thanks for reading! :smile:

We are still looking out for modelers and UI Designers!

I am interested
Here is my portfolio

You are hired if you’d like! Just reply to here or in our DM and I will send you the server link!

I am very much interested! My time zone is EST and I sent you a friend request. Look foward to working with you!

Alright, everyone has been hired! Thank you for all the applicants

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