Looking for a Builder! [CLOSED]

Hello! I am in search of a talented builder who is familiar with house designs (exterior mainly). The job would consist of 1 or 2 mansions in a spooky style. I want the build itself to give players the atmosphere of a horror film.

The build will be in a simpler, low poly style. Nothing too detailed or overly parted out. The structures themselves I’d like to have be spacious as to allow furniture and players to pass through with no issues. No deadline as of yet for this project and no rush, though it being done quick is always good!

I need to see past projects / experience.
Must be able to join group for payment.
Must be able to communicate consistently.

10,000 - 40,000 Robux
Not final payment, just estimates. Final payment will be up for discussion privately.

Please DM me on these forums or send me a tweet @SuperDuperLogar
I look forward to working with you!


I would be able to do it but it depends on the size and I’d need reference images.

Unsure of size right now. I’d like to have it atleast 150x200.

I’m down for this job. Here’s my portfolio of my work: Outfoxing: A Builders Portfolio

Now accepting Robux.

Hey man! sent you a message with my portfolio!

Any chance you have Discord instead?

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