Looking for a gfx designer full game

Hey, I’m topcst I’m looking for a graphic designer to make a Thumbnail, icon and gamepass images for my game. I have another game with 80k+ Visits and around 150 playing. The current game is a simulator so we are looking for a bubbly and cartoony look.

You will need

  1. Proof of past work
  2. Your price
  3. Discord

Please state your price in this aswell :slight_smile:


Interested , to fill the gfx artist position as i have skill in this field …
Contact me on Discord for Proof , Past work and Price : Ay-Men#7917

I’m interested. My price is 100 :robux: per asset. Trito#3914

My price is 500 to 1k R$ per asset here is my discord: TheHatter#9193

Hello, I am a Graphic Designer. pruhjectiles#1156. Portfolio will be supplied.

Might be able to help with a game thumbnail, (Updated/Closed) Disglair GFX/Building/3D modelling Portfolio! info in my Portfolio.

I’m interested. Please DM or add me on Discord: Inkqo#8185. Please DM me for past work, pricing, and proof.

I specialize in making simulator thumbnails and icons, so I am confident I can do well.

hey, I’m Em and i’m interested! :slight_smile:

Discord: qt.emm !#4961

Portfolio:[ FOR HIRE ] MagicaIIyMade | Graphics Artist Portfolio

Interested! Feel free to DM me


I believe my work is something you’ll like.

Interested, send friend request. I am really cheap 80-500R$!

User: depressed.#4058

I am interested. Contact me on discord at Pizza Plays#3042
Here is my past work.

༒ K͙U͙R͙O͙ ༒ # 2870 this is my discorder I hope and contact me

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