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I am looking for builder to make me new map for my [FREE ADMIN] Game. Map I am looking for will be Island with a town. https://www.roblox.com/games/4522347649/FREE-ADMIN.


Will pay up to 50k Robux


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on Discord: isCreator#4339



Be specific on price, include a description as well.

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what kind of map are you looking for?

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The map i am looking for will be island with a town.

Interested in your offer sadly your discord tag doesnt seem to work. Try mine; Dav.id#1189 and contact me on Discord please.

Im interested, Sent you a request on discord: Er1k#7026

Hey there. I am interested in building for you! Portfolio: PerfectlyBlack's Portfolio (BUILDER)

Contact can be found on my portfolio.

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I am interested. I can do anything you like low poly any type vibe anything you like! my portfolio. I could do a town anything you like! Faded_Aurora Portfolio ) Builder for hire My disc is at AuroraStudio#9148

Hello, I wish to join please accept the friend request from: Agat5555#1410

I can make a map! I’m currently making one right now as a practice.


This would be a pretty simple task for me, especially if you’d like a low-poly style. I will be able to combine my modeling skills and building skills to build this island village for you.

Find my building portfolio here and my modeling portfolio here.

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Do you have a reference image or blueprints? If so, please check out my portfolio here. If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me on discord.


Hello, i’m interested in this, I added you on discord.
Discord - JJ71599#3309

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Im interested, I’ve sent you a friend request! SightlyBuilder#8540

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