Looking for a map designer: $150-$250 per map [CLOSED]


I’m Nicolas_Caged, I’ve worked as the lead developer for Wild Revolvers and Bandit Simulator. I’ve also worked on Rolantis, and won two Bloxies in 2018.

I’m looking for a map designer to work on an up coming Western shooter. This is the broad style I’m after!

You must…

  • Be familiar with basic level design principles (and have played a lot of shooters)
  • Be able to work with a lower poly style (I’m pretty flexible, I just don’t want super high detail builds)
  • Be 16+

Even better if…

  • Worked on shooter games before
  • Full time

If interested, send me a friend request on Discord (Nicolas_Caged#9869) AND PM me on the dev forums to let me know, or I might not see it.

Good luck!


I added you on Discord, the name is BK

Very interested in the project! Heres some of my work: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer

I sent my portfolio on both Discord and PM’s on forums. Wish everyone luck getting hired by Nic! He’s an awesome dude. :smiley:


Hey, I’m interested. Let’s talk. MisterMike#1845

Contact me ami discord Joao_ModsYT2 # 4088
I can make a quality map

Added you on discord (Paschy#0665), I’d like to know what kind of map you want so that I could try and get a rough version of it as my “portfolio”

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