Looking for a Rig/Avatar Model Builder [CLOSED]

Hello! I might be in need of a rig builder for an upcoming game I might pursue in making. This would be a ‘Bigfoot’ model, where I would rig it and animate it obviously, I’d just need a model for it; where the limbs are designed to work with an R15 rig type.


If you’re interested in this, hit me up on Discord! I might not hire you on the spot, but rather so I can contact you in the future as I have nobody I can reach out to when I need this. My Discord tag is: Simply_Dev2#9178


In Robux. Probably wouldn’t want to go higher than 10k, but completely negotiable based on the quality you would put into it and the hours of work done.

Thanks for checking this out, appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I recommend to work with @ALANWAL44, he’s good even without a lot of experience! And is a nice friend to talk with.

Anyway, if you need something on the Programming side, like AI behavior or another thing, contact me!


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