Looking For A Scripting Partner To Make Games!

Looking For A Partner! :smile:

Dear fellow developers, :page_facing_up:
Are you a Scripter and looking for a partner to create some awesome games? :video_game:
Then you’re at the right spot :white_check_mark:

About Me

My name is DarkAgeOwl a 24y old boy from the Netherlands.
I have to much time left during the holidays, So I decided to put my effort into making games for the Roblox platform! :sun_with_face:
I specialize in low poly buildings. :brick:


We will split profits and put a part into promoting & updating our game. :money_with_wings:


Interested?! Then dont bo afraid to reach out!

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: DarkAgeOwl#2678
:owl: :owl: :owl:

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:

Hello! I am FriendlyBuilder24 and I am a 3 year experienced Scripter. My discord is FriendlyBuilder24#9768 and my portfolio is this. Extra info: I’m also a YouTuber not many subscribers though.

Thank you for your time! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there, I am a scripter with maybe 1 year - 2 year ish of experience scripting, You can consider me still learning but I think I am capable of making cool things, Maybe DM me in S4sWorld#2397 if you wish to partner up with me

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