Looking for an obby builder {100,000+ robux}

Hello i added u on discord

Hello i added you on discord heres some obby like games i have developed (Both still in development on pause)


wait so if we build a obby , you give us a 100,000R$ do we need to script it ?
I’m in
Dm me in devforums
maybe 2 Builders and a scripter (me), could make it 10x times better?

Hi, i added you on discord.


Dm me Youngdumbandbroke55#8658

I cannot add you, it doesn’t let me for some reason.
Could you please add me? Thanks!
the seal#8330

If you hire me for this job, I will give you a pre-made obby course, and one I will make for you. The other obby is really good I just need to get it off my hands here is my portfolio, DM me if I get the position, I am definitely the best man for the job!
Obby Map You will also get


Your discord does not work, please add me Plethoa#9971.

Hi there. Your discord does not work so you can add me @ sureloxx#7985

Here is my portfolio: [Open] Builder/Terrain Editor

Your Discord tag isn’t working for me. Please add me using Recontinued#8135

i cant add u, please add me, i need this job Youngdumbandbroke55#8658

my dm, punkde#8982, contact me there I will answer

I could not add you for some reason @acupla dm me my discord is UNITED_Lacker#4037

Add me on discord Umpire#8048

Interested! (I have past experience building obbies)

I am interested. Add me on Discord: GamesCell#2279

I am interested. TendoDev#2999

Might be interested in this.
Add me on Discord, Squidzyee#8896

Your discord doesn’t work, add my friend. Flunx#9885

Hello, I’m interested. Heres my work: [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer Your discord tag wasn’t working.

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