Looking for art app

I’m looking for a nice drawing app that I can use on PC

I can’t find any good apps that work on PC

I’ve tried looking it up, asking some friends but I can’t find anything

I don’t want to have to save up for a iPad, but if I need to, I will!


I Would Say That You Should Use Paint.net or Photoshop! They May Not Be The Best, But You Could Still Make Some Amazing Designs With Them!

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I suggest Photoshop, or Illustrator(that’s more vector)

also don’t go to paint.net the real website to get it is getpaint.net


What type of art do you do because there is many different types of digital art

my friends use krita, it’s free- i’m pretty sure you can animate too. https://krita.org/en/download/krita-desktop/


What style of art you prefer making?

Many programs offer an ability to create designs, whether it’s art ui vector designs and more. Gimp krita paint net are your best choices since they both provide options to create a variety of artwork, of course these programs do have a learning curve and you will most likely learn the ropes if you practice.

I’m no digital artist. You could always research these specific questions as it will result into viewing many art programs it can be hard to choose a specific app. I’ll try finding a program that your comfortable with learning, I wouldn’t consider getting paid programs since most of them produce exact designs in any art app.


I use Inkscape on my laptop for 2D vector art.

I don’t draw on it, but Gimp is a great program. It’s like adobe photoshop, but free!

Other than that, I have heard paint.net is good as well


Like others, I strongly recommend Photoshop and Paint Net as an art program.

If you have some money to spare go with Photoshop but if you want a free option go with GIMP

Hello, good day. Many people have confused getpaint.net with paint.net. I suggest you should change it, as like what @WindingTheRopes said;

if you want to make UI, Clothing and other use PaintDotNet or GIMP
If you want a drawing software then use Krita or FireAlpaca

Hello! I do digital art and i use Clip Studio Paint! It’s expensive, but it often has 50% off around holidays! But if you don’t want to pay, i recommend Paint Tool Sai (1 or 2) or FireAlpaca! You usually have to pay for Paint Tool Sai but there are lots of tutorials on youtube how to get it for free. I also think MediBang is free, but I have never used it so im not sure.

Good luck on finding a good art program that suits you!!

I would recommend in the long run you use Gimp (or Photoshop) and Inkscape (or Illustrator). These are both free and are really powerful. Inkscape is more vector based, while gimp is not.

For vector art there’s Adobe illustrator (paid), Sketch (paid), or inkscape (free)

For a photo editor style app there’s Photoshop (paid), Affinity Photo (paid), gimp (free), paint.net (free), Pixlr (free), or photopea (free)

For a pure art program there’s tons. The free ones I know of are FireAlpaca, MediBang paint, Autodesk sketchbook, ArtWeaver, and Krita.

The paid ones I know of are Clip Studio Paint, Rebelle, ArtRage, and Paint tool sai.

If you want to make simple, minimalist Ui designs with little effort, Google Drawings is pretty neat.
Here’s a link to a helpful tutorial for it An Overview of Google Drawings: UI Design Made Simple (100% Free to Use)

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