Looking for builders for my piggy inspired game

If you aren’t capable of paying your developers properly, it’s perhaps better to not even hire developers. If I was you, I would repost this when I had the budget. Good luck on finding people…


Well, I am looking at buying Robux via Roblox website. 800 Robux is $10. You can see it as $2.80 but I see it as $10.

Hey, we got the same idea “teddy” but i cant script. I’d like to help.

Discord: -Alijandro0807

Edit: I just see the payment and its low.

800robux is low or you can offer game revenue %

There’s a program called DevEx where you can turn your robux into real USD, and the rate is extremely low. If you were talking about turning USD to robux then it would be around 10$ which is what I was estimating by.

Yes, but I am going off resell prices by Roblox.

Up the budget, 800 is nothing.

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I sent you a friend request! 30charssssssssss

Wasn’t GnomeCode making a game called “Teddy”?

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yes 30charactersignorethisicantpostthiswithoutadding30characters

So doesn’t that mean that you just took his idea and put a lot less effort into it?

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well then be right back i am going to um cough

close my game and think about my life

ok bye 30charactersrightherebruhthisstinks

That was highly not expected…

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You shouldn’t copy other people’s games, it’s not nice at all. Not sure why you said “ok bye”.


I’ve sent you a friend request on Discord, my user is: iFlarey#5401

Sent a friend request on discord , im Bondo#6901.

^ Here is my portfolio
V and here is my most recent build

I think i’d be perfect for this job.

For me 800 robux is good. I want to be hired so accept me on Discord please. KaZ#9428

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