Looking for help, tips and info

I know very few things when it comes to UI. If you have any tips on where to get started and how to get started leave them below, I also do have a few questions in mind such as where do I need to have the UI properties set, in a script or in the ui itself, questions like that.

It would be great if you share your experience and the problems you had when you started, so new beginners like me don’t come across those problems when creating and designing functional ui’s.

This link might be useful!

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I am not looking for a video, a text documentation would be the best. I’ve been trying to learn from the roblox wiki however I don’t get the results that I am searching for.

UI is one of those things where it’s hard to really know where to start. There’s a pretty good forum article here by EmeraldSlash that goes over quite a few of the basics.

I myself prefer to find projects/things to work towards, so my recommendation would be to find something (shop UI, inventory etc.) and then try to build towards that.

Good luck!

Now, that I’m thinking about it there are other threads like this:

Like such: How to Plan, Design and Build Quality User Interfaces

And as @NINJAMASTR999 listed: UI Design Starter Guide this will also be a great help.

Lastly: Where should I start UI? - #3 by SuperBloxxor This one should help tons.

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Thanks, will look into this. :grin:

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