Looking for Map Creators [OPEN]


I have created a game called Find the Noobs 2 and I am looking for map creators. I am looking for quite large maps with lots of hiding spots for the hidden items. I am hoping that the map can be completed within 2 weeks.


  1. The map’s terrain must be made with smooth terrain
  2. The map must have lots of hiding spots because it is a scavenger hunt
  3. The map’s aesthetic must fit in with the other maps’ styles (cannot be cartoony/low poly)
  4. No free models are allowed

Wanted Maps:

  1. City
  2. Futuristic City


I am looking to pay around 30,000 Robux per map created. If you want to create 40 noobs along with the map, I can raise the pay to 45,000 Robux. There is a noob template with guidelines in the description.

If you are interested, please contact me on the DevForums and provide your portfolio so we can discuss. If you have any questions, please ask so I can respond with an answer.


I’ve been a fan of your YouTube channel for a few years now back when you did trading videos, and even during the production of the first Find the Noobs game, which I have actually played myself. To work alongside you would be great, and I have lots of spare free time on my hands.

I’m pretty able and competent when it comes to building, and whilst I don’t have any map examples, I think this would be a good opportunity to create some maps for your game and it sounds like something I’d be open towards if I’m accepted.

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IImakedamodels building/3d modelling portfolio reworked I am very interested in making you some maps. In fact I already have some premade for you. Add me on discord @Slurpsy#9209

I’d love to work with this game!
I’ll discuss this more via dms.

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