Looking for professional designers and staff!

About Us

Hi there! We are Slurpiez’, an upcoming bakery and juice bar group on the Roblox platform we are looking for professional designers and staff!

The Team
@tradeadventures - Owner
@jakeprospect - Co-Owner
@robloxiandevon - Co-Owner
@couldbeyou - Clothing Designer
@couldbeyou - GFX Designer
@couldbeyou - Trailer Maker!

About The Job

We are looking for professional staff and management as well to help with the launch! As a designer, you would be working either long term or short term depending on your needs!


We are paying Robux or Giftcards! We currently are waiting on 25k worth of funds and are expecting to use 5-10k of those for development!

Contact Us

You can contact us on discord! Please leave your username down below :slight_smile:
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


My username is MaeMaeMae#2475

I am a clothing designer.


Hi I am interested in Trailer maker what is the pay for that? Add me on discord PKBbornlegend#6540

I’m interested in being the GFX Designer!

Portfolio: Professional GFX - Your New Go-To GFX's (IN MAKING!)
Discord: R0bl0x10501050#9989

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My contact is Bo(capital i)#6621

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I’m a designer, I look forward to working with you hopefully.

User: lexi!!#6326

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Hi! I’m a gfx artist, I would be interested in the job! My discord is Raiinbow#5519, and here is an example of my work! (I’ll send you more on discord)

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Hello! I am interested in the position of a graphic designer.

My discord: zander;;#2567

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Hi, I am a Clothing Designer, my username is ( Citrus//CitrusTheSodaCan#0350 )
Hope to talk to you soon :v: :heart:

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I’m interested for the GFX designer position.

My discord username is Orginatix#3082. I will provide my portfolio there.

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Hello! I tried to add you but it says you arent accepting friends! Add me: Kay#7200


Hi there! I’m a clothing designer, interested in this position. You may contact me at SamWillGoHam#2005 since you haven’t added any contact info to the post.

Portfolio: [DISCONTINUED] Clothing Designer Portfolio

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Huh that’s weird, I’ll fix that and add you!

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I’m a GFX desiger.
Discord: karol#5516

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Would you be needing a voice actress? If so contact me!


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I can do the 3D GFX work. Check out my links and contact.

Portfolio: [OPEN] MvagicaI Graphics | GFX Portfolio
DM me: mason!#3783

Here are 4 of my recent GFX works for you to preview

image image image image

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