Looking for scripters, animators, GFX artists, SFX artists, UI designers and builders

Hey! I’m interested in the GFX Artist position!

I DMed you on Discord.

My tag is Hanamii#1389

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I send you a request. (30 character limit)

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Do you need BACK-up builder? I’ll send work if needed.

Yeah, i’ll need you. What’s your discord?

Has the builder job already been taken?

Hey, i was wondering if you needed a 3D modeler. If you’re intrested, here’s some of my previous work : https://devforum.roblox.com/t/feedback-my-low-poly-models/566037

Nah, do you want to be a builder? If yes then message me OliwierGamerYT#4637

I acctuly do need one. Message me my discord is OliwierGamerYT#4637

Hey. Is it low poly, because I am more of a low poly builder.


I’m interested in doing the music. I tried adding but here’s my disc: TheScientist#4751

I’d like to fill in for the animator position, I sent you a friend request.

I’m interested discord _ 2537_ #5424 without the spaces

I sent a friend request, I’m interested in the scripter position.

I’ve added you on discord. Buider btw

Could you please say more information on what each role actually has to do and more information on the payment?

Interested about GFX, scandalous#8956 and also [OPEN] GFX, AD, clothing and render commisions open!

Hey! I’m interested in being a part of your graphics design area for this project. I sent you a friend request on discord. (LEV#0001)

Interested in the builder position if it is still open, sent you a friend req @ C0rages#5526

I have sent a friend request on discord, please accept when possible and DM me.