Looking for Skilled Devs

Game Concept

So my game is based around players trying to explore the world around them. Each player will be placed on an island when they first begin the game. There will be a main hub where all players hangout, Purchases tools, and more. There will be a currency which players will be able to earn from selling Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamonds. Each island will spawn with a Dig site which will only be able to be unlocked when they reach a certain level. I’ll explain more if you are Interested in this project.


We are looking for semi-lowpoly builds and UI

Who we are looking for

Builders - 10%
Scripters - 15%
Modelers - 10%
Gui - Will be payed with Robux - 500-1k
Gfx - Will be payed with Robux -500-1k

If we are missing anything please contact me at XRecklessrRT#4509 on Discord

What do you expect Modelers to do?

Create assets, Trees, Tools, Rocks, and maybe more in the future.

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I am good at modelling and GFX. What is pay?

Add my discord and we will talk there XRecklessrRT#4509

I could help you with logos for GFX StudTemplate (Logo Designer For Hire)

That would be wonderful, I just seen your logos and they look nice. add me so we can talk more on discord at XRecklessrRT#4509

Those revenue percentages are mighty low, especially for a scripter, how much work are you expecting those developers to do?

Hello! I’m Em, a ROBLOX graphics designer, and I am 100% interested in this position. I am 15 years old, turning 16 in January, and have over 4 years of experience. Here are some big achievements I have done:

  • Obby King Remastered
    -Little Dreamies Daycare
    -Rainbow Reef Ice Cream
    -and a few more!

I hope you are interested, and if you are, here is my portfolio.

Discord: emm#1546

Username: QueenOfStyIe

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