Looking for somebody to make a safe zone

Hello, I am ItsByskyWrecker, and I am the proud owner of a small community by the name of Perfect Games Studio. I am currently working on game solo, and I searching for a decent scripter that will help me make a safe zone with region3. Basically, when the player enters an area the tool gets taken away when he leaves he gets his tool back.

The Team:
@ItsByskyWrecker: Lead Developer
@The Scripter: Contributor

The Scripter:
-Should have at least 2 to 3 years in scripting.
-Must be ready when needed.
-Willing to help me.

The Payment:
Will be in Robux (500 to 1k) negotiable

Via discord: Wr∃ck∃r#1649 Or DevForum.

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I’ve decided to change the topic to what I really need help with. Because the safe zone is important in what I am working on.

Feel free to check this out, there’s an open source Safe Zone at the bottom of the OP: Zone+ | Retrieving players within an area/zone


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