Looking for Someone Knowledgeable to Help With Optimization

Current ping is in the 70-100 range with only me playing. I am looking through f9 trying to figure out what is causing the high ping, but don’t really understand it that well and the tutorials easily available are not very detailed.

Any experts out there who would be willing to test the game, F9 it, and explain to me what is costly and what is cheap–and so how to optimize? We can negotiate a fee.

@TechSpectrum has the good stuff. :wink:


Still looking to hire someone to look at the game and give me some feedback related to optimization. Reply here or send me a friend request on Roblox. Name your fee. It won’t take long to assess. I bet someone who knows what they are doing could do it in a few minutes.

Make a post on #collaboration:recruitment then.


A ping is a signal sent from your machine to the server, or vice versa. It measures the time it takes a single packet to complete one round trip. ( you → server → back to you ) It has nothing to do with game optimization.

Right, but bad coding or too complex an environment can cause high ping which causes lag when being played. One can do a lot of things to lower the ping count so that isn’t as much of a problem.


Would you mind leaving a link to your game?

Also, is this in Studio or in a Roblox live server?

The game is really not ready yet. I am still pretty early in the development process so I don’t want to distribute yet. Once it is closer to finished and I need help fine-tuning before launch I will certainly post here so you all can test it and find the bugs and make recommendations before it goes live to the world!

I found someone to help me with this particular problem, but I always need help from knowledgeable people because it saves me a lot of time to talk to experts rather than try to rediscover things you discovered a long time ago.

The ping count is the same in both Studio and in Roblox.

If you don’t find the solution with this problem, when the game is out I’ll try and see what’s up with it. Trying to guess the issue and solution without any statistics/being able to play the game is like walking around in the dark.

Goodluck to you and your game!

If it’s in development, then why are you hiring for this now? I would save this for after the core mechanics are completed.

P.S. I think 60 - 100 ms ping is low, not sure what the big deal is.

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