Looking for tips on how to market my game

Remember not to underestimate users on tablets and phones, you can generally get many more impressions when advertising to tablet/phone users in comparison to PC for the same amount.

I’d also suggest not putting everything in all at once for your release, but instead around 1-5k every day. That way, you’ll be able to build up your player base over time, instead of having everyone join at once and ending up with less players the next day. Also, by advertising smaller amounts each day you can see if you profit, fix errors that you may come across and if the website for any reason goes down, you will still have the rest of your robux.

In terms of increasing retention, a global leaderboard may encourage players to continue playing, bringing in more of a competitive aspect.


I like the way you think and it makes sense, global leaderboards are already in works and I have a twist that will make people try to get on the leaderboards.


  1. The 1k-5k every day strat may work but the only question I have how much players would that give me cuz I need at least some players in the game to make it fun?
  2. Have you tried this method? If so can you show me how it worked or explain if not explain
  1. From my experience I advertised around 2.5k and reached a peak of 40 concurrent players, averaging at about I’d say 20 - 25 concurrent. Unless you need like 20+ players at once at all times, you shouldn’t have a problem with lacking players doing 1-5k each day. And over each day the count should increase if players enjoy your game!

  2. I haven’t got much experience from advertising, but what I usually liked to do is put everything in on release, and I always ended up with no players after 3 days, and a very little bit of profit.
    I’ve heard from other successful developers that advertising every day has been a decent strategy for them, and I’m planning on doing this for my next game.


Is this picture ads or sponsors?

If sponsors, on what platform?

I generally only sponsor my games, as I’m bad at creating advertisements and don’t have that much funds to hire someone.

I’ve sponsored about 55% on PC, 35% on tablet and 10% on phones from my funds, and from my (limited) statistics, my game got the highest CTR and clicks on tablet, even though I put less robux into sponsoring on tablets. From your description of your game being like a “mobile game” you might want to consider further how much you want to put into tablet/phone sponsoring.


When I ment mobile game I ment like the concept of like addicting mobile games such as “Candy Crush”, but thanks for the info :+1:


The best way is to test it with lower amounts to see what stats you can get and continue. If sponsoring you should test different icons and see what the CTR is for each. I don’t really want to give you an amount of players because that changes depending on a bunch of factors.

In my experience doing all of it at once isn’t a good idea, especially considering you already have limited funds.


So far it seems putting all your funds at once wouldnt be smart, thanks for telling me :+1:

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The current plan I have is to use 5K on a test run to see if there is any bugs I glossed over and to see how the game. If there is no issues with the game or money then ill put 50k on sponsors on various devices.

My advice for anyone new to sponsoring on Roblox:

I did this when I was a noob. There is a HUGE chance your game will be broken or unfun in some way when you initially release it out to the wild. You have a decent budget, so you don’t have to spend it all in one go. Spend a tiny amount on sponsors at first to test the waters. There is also a threshold where you begin spending more money than needed to get visible. Some people say it is around 20K R$, so I wouldn’t go above that in one go. Otherwise, you’re going to take a huge loss.

Also, it’d be a good idea to ask for general feedback on the game through the devforums before you spend any money on it. Then you can fix the gaping problems.

Good luck with your game! :slight_smile:


Dang best best response yet, I was expecting a whole different response from everyone. It was really a good idea I made this post thanks for responding.


This is more so a way to “advertise/market” it outside of running basic ads/sponsorship.
I’m not quite sure it will work with your specific game but it may be worth a shot to explain it, with a lot of anime based games, they run partnerships on discord. I’m assuming you already have a discord in place for the game, and could possibly try to get partnerships with other discord servers of the similar game type. It may be a bit hard, since I personally don’t know any other partnership servers then anime games haha, I’d give you links if I did but don’t really have any off the top of my head. If you’re wondering what partnerships are basically you put a little blurb of info about your game, include some video/images/sneak peaks etc.

A lot of what people said above is really good as well, I’d possibly run a paid beta/paid alpha, or even maybe free just to see how it goes, maybe you’ve already done this. Also a tip keep some content unreleased, but basically content which could’ve been released right on launch but you don’t release it, it’ll help with load management in the long run if you run into bug/glitchs etc issues.

You can also try to find investors possibly, I realize you have about 55k you’re willing to spend, but if you aren’t afraid to give up a bit of profits you can try to recruit potential investors maybe offering set values, rather then percents. But I would go against this since you already have funds and don’t really need to give up profits. About the weekend/weekday, weekends are probably a bit better, Friday/Saturday, but it also depends on your audience that the game is put towards sometimes a weekday release may be better. But also keep an eye out for big titles releasing in the near future Loomion Legacy is supposed to release on July 20th, along with another game Shinobi Story is releasing this month I think, so I’d try to avoid running big sponsor/ads when other new games drop.

Youtubers are another huge way to market games, if you happen to get some potential Roblox youtubers interested in the game I’m sure they wouldn’t mind making a video, don’t really have any off the top of my head but look for smaller ones obviously then massive ones as it’s harder to reach out to them.

As others have already covered don’t spend all your robux at once, if you have any questions feel free to reply or message. The game also interests me so if you wouldn’t mind could you reply or dm with a discord link/roblox game link.


Amazing response, I read all of it 3 times over :+1:. I have a developing discord I’m in charge with that has 600 members so I can attempt to pull a swift one there. I have a few contacts with youtubers but I don’t believe they will go through with it. I have an idea of posting videos of game progress and having game development streams once I get my new PC hopefully that can bring some players in.

Im not really keen on running a paid beta or alpha as I think it separates the community. I would much rather have a game with players that can bring more players with relative ease as a single join button, my game is also a multiplayer game and so it will most likely hurt the other players enjoyment if I do a paid access.

I have a few investor friends I can possibly hit up, but im not 100% sure if they are willing to but ill ask them when the time comes.

And ill make sure not to spend all my robux at once

The discord isn’t made yet cuz we only have a community of 6 people mainly testers but we should make one right now, and the game is currently closed, you can add me on discord if you want to Dev_Linxy#7757

Thanks for responding :+1:


Sounds great, I’ve sent you a friend request on discord so keep my updated whenever that public discord releases. Best of luck!

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So, this is complicated, I started my game on 50k and have made over 15 million robux from the platform in total. Now, before I can give you a specific answer, I need a couple of questions answered.

  1. How important are devproducts/gamepasses to the game, and how you run through the game? Would they increase your players experience, and are they affordable.

  2. How are the gamepasses/devproducts marketed? Ingame store? Isolated item shop? Website store?

  3. Are the graphics of the gamepasses appealing, and do they have interesting descriptions that would make it stand out more than lets say a jailbreak gamepass?

Those are my questions, however I can answer a couple of your questions right away.

So, since you’re wondering how many players you could get from a large sponsor (50k robux) you have to take into account a couple of factors:

  • Do the graphics stand out, and are they appealing to players on (most) resolutions/zoom levels.

  • Do the graphics look appealing, well made, and not overly photoshopped?

  • Is the game itself well rounded, and can HOLD players for more than 20-30 minutes at a time?

These factors are important because with sponsors generally the more players you have the more players you will bring in via. the sponsor. Something that you can always look into is by testing that 5k and looking at the CTR on the sponsor, which should (hopefully) sit around 0.40-0.60% based on the graphics, etc.

This being said my estimate (again, depending on those questions above) would be roughly 500-750 players on a good day.

You should run sponsors on the weekend as there is a higher traffic rate on the platform, and it also depends on the above statements made in regards to how many people you should get for that sponsorship on the game.

Also answering your first question, personally, I only run sponsors on PC, mainly because they have the highest chances to make a purchase, since PC is easier to purchase robux on, mobile can get annoying at times to purchase robux and all of that good stuff.

Thank you and have a good one, if you need more help please feel free to DM me on DevForum! :slight_smile:


Yes, I can completely agree with this statement, if you spend all of your money at once you will have an issue inside of your game that prevents players from:

  • Making purchases.

  • Enjoying core gameplay, etc.

Just run 15k-20k on your first run (after the 5k), also make sure your graphics look really good and are made by a professional, spare no expense when it comes to graphics.


Seriously thanks a lot for the advice ill take every single point into consideration

No worries, just make sure to read over it properly and not miss anything. The points I made can be very beneficial in the long run.

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I second this. Especially the part about there being a HUGE chance your game will be broken. I’m releasing a game fairly soon and I own a discord server with about 80 members, so we decided do to some preliminary testing with some of those members. We thought our game was fairly bug free, although there were a few that we knew about that weren’t big deals.

We were absolutely wrong about the bug free thing. To be fair, all of the bugs (when I say all of the bugs, I mean every script was affected and it broke the entire game) were caused by one problem caused by me being dumb. Thankfully it was resolved soon. Absolutely do not go all in if you haven’t gotten feedback from actual players. The bug was impossible to be spotted from our testing as developers because it was caused by the server being full and people re-joining, etc.

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You could send a Live Ops application. From my knowledge here’s what it’s about:
Live Ops is a developer-driven event. A requirement for Live Ops is hosting your own in game event with rewards once completed(badges, etc). Once Roblox reviewed your application and your game follows their TOS(terms of service) your game will be accepted and featured on the “This Week on Roblox” page.

I’ve seen a few games such as Blox World getting over a thousand players. If you’re interested in the Live Ops you can read more here.

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Live ops only applies to already established games that are having events.