Looking for tips on how to market my game

I second this. Especially the part about there being a HUGE chance your game will be broken. I’m releasing a game fairly soon and I own a discord server with about 80 members, so we decided do to some preliminary testing with some of those members. We thought our game was fairly bug free, although there were a few that we knew about that weren’t big deals.

We were absolutely wrong about the bug free thing. To be fair, all of the bugs (when I say all of the bugs, I mean every script was affected and it broke the entire game) were caused by one problem caused by me being dumb. Thankfully it was resolved soon. Absolutely do not go all in if you haven’t gotten feedback from actual players. The bug was impossible to be spotted from our testing as developers because it was caused by the server being full and people re-joining, etc.

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You could send a Live Ops application. From my knowledge here’s what it’s about:
Live Ops is a developer-driven event. A requirement for Live Ops is hosting your own in game event with rewards once completed(badges, etc). Once Roblox reviewed your application and your game follows their TOS(terms of service) your game will be accepted and featured on the “This Week on Roblox” page.

I’ve seen a few games such as Blox World getting over a thousand players. If you’re interested in the Live Ops you can read more here.

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Live ops only applies to already established games that are having events.