Looking to commission track designers for a racing game

About the job

Me and @WhoseTrade are looking for a track designer for one of our upcoming projects. This project is a party style / wacky racing game. We do not need tracks decorated, just designed.

We want every map to be unique with their own gimicks, we can provide scripting related assistance for your map.

We will give more information on the game in private messages.

If you have experience in designing tracks, message either me (Tom_atoes#0001) or WhoseTrade (Whosetrade#6372) on discord or on the Developer Forum.

You must have a portfolio / past work and must be over 13 to apply.


We are offering R$ payment only. We will negoitiate payment in DMs.


Track? As in for a racing game?

Hi! Are you looking to make your game more realistic? I can help with that! I do lighting to make games look a lot more realistic. Here is my portfolio if you are interested! I have some great ideas. I look forward to hearing from you! :grinning:

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