Low Poly Designs


Low-poly totally applies to Roblox, one can make extremely detailed high-poly builds here just like anywhere else, or really basic low-poly builds just like anywhere else.

All I am saying is that low-poly is not just restricted to the art style. I agree with you 100% that it’s easier to visualize the cartoony side of it, but I don’t want anyone that stumbles upon this thread that’s interested to think that’s all it is. Low-poly actually has many applications when it comes to making a game.


I like to use “low-poly” when referring to the art style, and “game-ready” when referring to the practical aspect of it, to clearly denote the difference between those two things.


Using gameready has a means to describe lowpoly models will honestly confuse a lot of people - considering many games today use extremely high poly counts in their models, an example being Unreal Tournament 4’s models which are probably anywhere from 100k to 1m triangles in the weapon models alone.

Low-poly refers to both the artstyle and models that are below a certain threshold ( I think it’s like 10k triangles or something for something to be low-poly.)

Game ready just refers to any model that is, game ready. The poly count doesn’t affect that aspect. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I specifically said that I’m not.

Poly count completely does affect whether a model is “game ready”, among other aspects. (Properly UV mapped, properly rigged, whatever else applies that makes it easier to work with the model and makes it have a footprint as low as possible while not compromising the specific art style.) A model that has X times as many polygons as it needs or is too detailed for its purpose (i.e. not optimized, or a backdrop players won’t see up close but is defined as if it’s a front row object) is not game ready.


I wish the “low poly” style of building didn’t have the somewhat negative connotation associated with it, like currently. I see the argument how this can be looked at as a ‘lazy build’ style , due to the lack of complex shapes and detail frequently found with this style. That being said, I prefer the style due to its simplistic feel and overall sense it gives you when playing games designed this way. Low poly isn’t just another word for lazy, but can be a very beautiful and simplistic way to look at objects if done right.


I agree. It’s overall a very nice style, and fits with Roblox’s blocky style pretty good. It seems games using this have recently seen some popularity though. (i.e. Egg Farm Simulator, Farming Simulator)


Do you make the meshes in blender?