Low Poly Floating Lobby

I’ve been working on a game, similar to MM2 and was wondering if there are any improvements needed?

Most of this was made through blender and yes I have little experience with blender just started one week ago and been learning 8+ hours each day seeing progress.

This is my first lowpoly map and I plan on adding more houses (shops) soon, spent 5 days on this if anyone was wondering.

Lobby Images

Lobby Improvements (Based on what you guys wanted me to fix)

Low Poly (5)


I love the simplistic style of your maps/lobby! It gives me simulator vibes. All models have excellent placement and “gloss” effects. I just feel like the trees don’t need those branches… looks a bit off to me. Other than that, great work! Looking forward to more map showcases from you. :happy2:

Oh, and just a reminder - you aren’t allowed to ask for prices for your assets on the forum…

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Thanks man, I was just curious to see how people would price it based off quality, i’ll remove it :+1:

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Looks a little empty but really great. 8 hours per day sounds a little bit unhealthy but you did a good job. I’d sell this for 15k-20k (more if it has UIs and interior shop and other)

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Yeah, I know it’s a little unhealthy but I been so used to working that many hours a day from programming and what not, but I usually make up for it lol

Thanks for the feedback though :+1:

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If I were to play a game with this as a map, I would have to turn my saturation down. it is just really quite blinding. Maybe make it a bit less vivid near spawn

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Didn’t think it would be that bright, i’ll try and fix it though, thanks :+1: (Brightness was on 0.03, maybe it the models or something i’ll have to recolor)

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Very nice, but if you added grass patches, it may help with the “emptiness” of the grassland areas. And, (for my taste), I think that the grass color is a little too bright, and for prolonged play time, it may lead to headaches and eye strain. I understand that this is a unfinished project, but you are doing extremely well! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


I filled up the emptiness with some other things other than grass patches, grass has a very high poly count which I try to keep under 100 for each model, or maybe i’m not using blender right

I lowered the brightness of the server so it could put less stress on the player’s eyes as multiple people requested

I plan on updating everytime someone gives me a feedback I like, so thanks for the feedback :+1:

No problem, Keep it up :slight_smile: