Luablox - Reliable noblox.js endpoint for groups

OH you meant it like that. This will be for sure included in v0.2, thanks for the suggestion. :grin:

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Hey! How are you? I was wondering if this would work 24/7?

Hey, the service is currently down for renovation. If you wish to stay up wit the latest news, make sure to set the notification settings for this post to Tracking. :wink:

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Any chance you know when it’ll be back?

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I am currently busy with school assignments, there is an unknown ETA, but I promise it will be within a week from now.


Hello! Is the service back up yet?

If your intention is to allow other people to fork your work I would start with a proper npm file structure including a package.json which lists all the of packages used with your work.

Will you be adding support for things like accepting and exiling members into a group?

Hi, Is this model still working? I am wanting to use it for my game, but it gives an ssl error