Lua.console Progress! (Looking for command ideas)

Hello DevForum!

So lua.console started out VERY small plugin, with only a mere ping command, but I’ve expanded it to now about 10 commands!

So here is a showcase, of all 10 commands

create, allows you to create objects by passing in a class and object name

dummy, allows you to create dummy models very quickly with flags like -6 or -15 for other stuff

glass, the WIP package manager for making and testing your own commands! Later I’ll have a system similar to npm for installing commands

insert, allows you to quickly insert in assets with their asset id’s

rm, allows you to remove specific objects, and filter objects

version, a super simple command that allows for you to see what version your on

This is more of showing just my progress so far, and whats to come :smiley:

Currently, I’m running out of ideas, but I bet there are some super useful commands you can think of, so please leave command ideas!


Most of the videos are broken. Plus I can’t see what you’re doing.

You could describe what each command does, though…


Maybe a command which will change a value? could be pretty cool

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Fixed :wink:
Sorry about that, didn’t realise it was broken

Could you explain a bit further?

A command which will change value of stringValue/intValue/NumberValue etc.

(these things)

Yeah definitely!
I don’t really use RayValues and CFrameValues so I’ll have to check the parems for those before making the command!

could be a bit dangerous if it uses remote events. An exploiter can abuse from that.

Hm? This is a plugin…
Not sure if you realized that…

OH, then forget what I said.

It seems useful, more advanced than the command output.

Do you have any vision about how you imagine people using this?

I would add things like the ability to let players know what day of the year is it, 2021, 2020, 2019 whatever, say the exact day, and most importantly, tell them what day of the week is, is it saturday? is it sunday? is the day that I’m giving you a monday? I don’t know if you can see use from this, but maybe someone could use it to make a calendar on their game or something.

Or also the ability to connect constraints on two parts by just setting some things really fast.
right now to add constraints you would have to do something like this.

local Panel = workspace.Panel
-- Using Panel.PrimaryPart for convenience's sake
local Part1 = Panel.PrimaryPart

for _, Part0 in pairs(Panel:GetChildren()) do
	if Part0:IsA("BasePart") and not (Part0 == Part1) then
		local WeldConstraint ="WeldConstraint")
		WeldConstraint.Part0 = Part0
		WeldConstraint.Part1 = Part1
		WeldConstraint.Parent = WeldConstraint.Part0
		Part0.Anchored = false

Part1.Anchored = true
Part1.CanCollide = false

I don’t know if it can be more simple, but this is how I had to add constraints on a part, this script comes from this

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Awesome! I’ll definitely start makin a year/day/month system, and begin work on a quick constraint system, thanks for the reply!

Would the system kinda work like this?
weld -flag1 -flag2
Ignore the flags, they are there just incase I want it more customizable

Yeah, that simple seems okay.

30, character, limit