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To clarify, I’m not sure if this is caused by the plugin creator or some framework the plugin creator used…

Seems the plugin version was shut-down as a type of ‘strike’ against Roblox ID verification, if so, this is probably not the right way to handle this, Roblox likely won’t care and you just end up killing any audience your plugin has.

Asking people to download it on Git is also a bad idea, not everyone knows how to handle that stuff. (It’s why Roblox plugins exist). I’m literally considering not using Lucide icons anymore because it seems to me that this is no longer being used as a way for developers to find free icons for their game and is instead being used as a way to push an issue on an unrelated topic onto people hindering their development workflow.

And for anyone who hasn’t updated their version of the Lucide plugin yet, don’t, you’ll lose access to using it.


Yeah, 100% not the right way to go.

Never heard of this plugin, but it looked alright before the protest. If you want to protest, do it some other way instead of making your plugin virtually useless, OP.

I have found in the past with a Feather Icons plugin for Figma that it’s a bit lacking at times though (never mind, didn’t realise this is using a fork of the Feather Icons pack) you’d be better sticking to a Material Design icon picker plugin instead.


I made this plug-in originally for private use but not for as a community resource. Weather has it become “virtually useless” for anyone else doesn’t really matter to me especially when you can just install from the rbxm binary file which is just a 2-step process.

I appreciate it that it’s easy to download like that instead of messing around with Rojo, but for anyone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for, this is a pain, plus you’re sacrificing automatic updates.

Not when the plug-in binary model is published in the deployment section.

Anyway the marketplace version doesn’t get updated.

Then why delete it? There’s no point and you’re just losing out on audience. I get your struggles, but just because you don’t like something, isn’t an excuse to completely make the marketplace version unusable. I was actually thinking of using this, I am no longer.


Since you’ve decided to take this off the creator marketplace for whatever reason, can you at least provide an explanation on how to download and use it from the “repository”?

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Just checked the repo and it’s using Rojo, if you’re not going to offer a paid version on the Plugin Marketplace for convenience, then please put the RBXMX file in your GitHub releases, instead of having to mess with Rojo.

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The file is in the GitLab repository so you don’t need to “mess” with Rojo:

You can put the binary in your plugin folder.


Yeah sorry, didn’t realise, I’m used to GitHub defaulting using the files name when uploading binaries.

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How do you set it up I’m kinda new to github so yeah

Download the “Built Binary” from the link posted above and move it to the Roblox Studio plugins folder.

The plugins folder can be found in studio by going to the plugins tab

You may then need to restart studio and it will show up as if installed through the marketplace.

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Looks like this doesn’t work anymore.

You just press the download button below it. All that means is the website doesn’t know how to display the Roblox binary.

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it downloads it as a piece of paper that leads me to the microsoft store

Agreed, I couldn’t say it better! It is totally stupid to do it this way.

Also if anyone wanna help me with using the plugin from git without installing another apps, that would be great …

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Hi, we switched the source of icons to a third-party library made by Latte Softworks, this provides 1316 icons (498 more than the current version). The new set will be using spritesheets rather than individual icons.

The picker has been also updated to use the latest version of Fusion.

The icons look very nice, will definitely be using them.

Some people may not prefer to pay, we understand that. To this, we have made a video explaining how to install the plugin from the source code.