Made a Dance Studio a bit ago

I feel like a lot of your rooms need more open space. Try adding more windows or lighter colors. And try to add more depth into your studio so there won’t be only square rooms!
So something like this:

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@Ch_0q The builds look fine but you do need to focus more on detailing various aspects. Remember to use a reference and try to include as much feasible detail as possible.

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I actually did use a reference picture but it’s long gone now so I can’t show it.

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Hey! I don’t want to come across as rude or anything, but I don’t think I have seen that much on the forum that ranks lower than this. It gives me 2017 vibes, when the studio didn’t have as much abilities as it does now. I don’t really think you should “proud” of this…

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I just saw your build and I just want to give feedback on it!

Outside -
The outside of it does not blend well. The different colors and textures don’t give this a “Dance Studio” vibe. It just feels very plain and weird. I would recommend using fewer ‘in-your-face’ textures and use much simpler ones. It looks very pre-2015.

Inside -
First off, the main entrance has multiple problems. One is the colors, as although I understand the idea of using contrasting colors to get that dance studio vibe, it comes off as awkward, especially if there aren’t any other wall decorations to make up for it. That specific color combo for a wall CAN be achieved, but I personally don’t have many recommendations other than wall decorations (I haven’t built in a while so I can’t give much helpful feedback, only pointing out problems).

Another problem are the doors: why? Compared to the rest of the main entrance, it feels just… free model-y. Like I would never go into an irl dance studio and see super hyper-modern walls… and then see a wood door. Like the actual door entrance to the building was fine, like genuinely good, but I don’t understand why you put wood doors.

The biggest problem is the words on the wall. They just feel out of place, especially the “Welcome to our world…” text.

Secondly, the office. This is probably my least favorite room of them all. The wall texture doesn’t make sense, the table and chairs look like free models, idk why there’s carpet flooring next to bricks?? Like I genuinely think the chairs are free models and that you forgot to change the color. Not just that, this does not look like an office? If you showed me the room and asked me what it was, I would say it’s like an employee lounge or some cramped and awkward guest area. On top of that, the chairs and tables across the room from each other aren’t centered. you can obviously see the tables are more spread apart to the left of the door than to the right of the door.

Thirdly, the actual dance room. Again, this is really, really awkward. You have the bland pink wall with absolutely NOTHING on it (besides the “Dance” text), you have a gray ceiling with square lights, and then the floor? Again, these uses of textures are abysmal. The weird floor texture, the random purple sand behind the text, and the gray marble ceiling??? Again I’m really confused. Besides that, you NEED THINGS IN THE ROOM. An irl dance room wouldn’t just be some random undecorated empty room" it would have carpets, side rails (where dancers would put their hands and rest, or use it as a balance or something), mirrors, or something else. If you were really stuck on what to put in the room, you could have just googled an image of an actual dance room.

And lastly, the bathroom. Again, these are SUPER out of place. This does not make me immediately think “oh this is the bathroom of a modern dance studio”. The use of textures, the colors, and the objects that I think are literal free models, just don’t make sense. Besides that, it’s also too cluttered. Plus, where are the toilet paper and towels? Where’s the soap?

Summary - looks very pre-2014, the textures and colors NEED to be redone, fix the wood doors that look like free models, add more wall decorations, but don’t clutter the wall, please remove or change the text, please fix the office because it does not look like an office, and add more to the dance room other than it being a literal empty pink room.


I know it’s been a while since the last reply, but I wanted to add my thoughts on this topic
it’s clear that you put a lot of time and effort into creating this build, and I appreciate the dedication that you have shown to your hobby/career.

Building is a skill that takes time and effort to develop, and it’s important to be patient and persistent. There are many resources and tutorials available that can help you to improve your skills and try new techniques.

While it’s important to have variety in a build, it’s also important to consider how different textures work together and contribute to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of the build.

In some cases, using a realistic texture alongside a very unrealistic texture can create a disjointed and jarring effect. This can ruin the vibe or atmosphere that you are trying to create, and make the build feel less cohesive and cohesive.

To avoid this, it can be helpful to consider the overall theme and style of your build, and choose textures that support and enhance that theme. It’s also important to think about how different textures will look when viewed together, and how they will contribute to the overall look and feel of the build.

Your build is a reflection of your creativity and passion, and I encourage you to keep building and exploring your interests.
I hope this feedback is helpful, and I encourage you to continue experimenting with different textures and styles as you build. Keep up the great work!

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