Make a certain tool not play the roblox holding animation

You can check the docs for these two interfaces that Animators have.

I did it but there isn’t a table for 0.

It’s an array, like the docs state. For-loop through it to list through the AnimationTracks. Also I’m not sure if the walking animation is certain to be playing at the moment the tool is equipped. Rely on the event too in case it plays after the Equipped event is fired.

I still have not solved this issue. If there’s anything else that someone could give/tell me, much appreciated

I think @deleteables means you get the animation track via for i loop. It looks something like this:

local AnimTracks = Humanoid:GetPlayingAnimationTracks()

for i, Anim in pairs(AnimTracks) do
    if Anim.Name == "Track" then -- Change "Track" to your animation track's name

This works slightly but the Hold Anim bypasses it if I don’t put a Wait time before. I want it to be instant so you don’t see the arm move.

I have figured it out quiet easily. For anyone out there wondering on how someone could do this without completely removing the ToolAnimNone animation or created a whole new handle;

On line 522 of your animate script, there should be something that says:


Replace it with this.

if tool.Name == "Bloxy Cola" then
			toolAnim = "None"
			toolAnimInstance = nil
			toolAnimTime = 0

You can make a table for every tool you don’t want the animation to play for, but for right now and for the example, I did bloxy cola. It works perfectly and does not stutter. You’re welcome!!

Thank you to everyone to helped <3

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