Make confirming a purchase on Xbox *actually* harder

yeah this is a good idea, it reminds me of how old games used to use the Select button to select stuff and start to confirm.
roblox could make it so u press select and the press start


I personally think - as @buildthomas said here - having a hold-down period (like how you can already do with ProximityPrompts) is a good idea for all platforms and not just console to make a purchase. This forces people to be 100% sure about the purchase and not cause an accidental purchase when spamming A (or X for the upcoming PlayStation users) or clicking/tapping on the location without paying attention or using an auto-clicker while AFK as examples.

Purchases shouldn’t be too easy and should have at least some effort required by the user, even if it’s just holding down the button for a quarter of a second or longer. I don’t own an Xbox, but I think making purchases harder on all devices is crucial.

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As of now (and I don’t know if this is part of the UX upgrade recently) there’s a slight delay before the Purchase button becomes clickable, as on other platforms.

One of the reasons why holding the A button to confirm a purchase hasn’t been looked into is consistency, but this is still an issue and it’s annoying to look out for purchase dialogs to dismiss them when you’re in the middle of a game.

This might be bad design on the developer part, but I still think this is a priority.

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