Making a part follow the mouse and behave as it does in Roblox Studio

The problem with this is that, what if the part is rotated?

As for the Dragger implementation, did you add the MouseMove call? Is it working now?

I did but it’s also going onto the part itself

Well, i don’t know but that code was to contribute very important things.

What exactly do you mean by that? Is it going through the other part?

It’s going on top of itself. And so gets closer to camera

Oh, I see. What did you set the first parameter to in MouseDown?

I’ve set it to toReference, is that ok?

Is that the part that is being moved? It has to be the part that is being moved.

What do you mean, Can you give me an example of your suggestion?

What is the part that is being moved? Normally it should be mouse.Target. Can you show me the full code (If you don’t mind)

It’s set toReference, which is the part that’s being moved

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Ah, then that’s okay. It’s strange because it doesn’t happen to me

What are you passing to Dragger:MouseMove?

I rewrote it again and seems to be working. Now it’s time to tween it.

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Ok the problem is that i have an object follow it, so it’s going on top of that one. How can I make it ignore other instances?

Actually, try setting mouse.TargetFilter

That’s why it’s called BlackListFolder updateThe one called newObject is in that folder. I set it to BlackListFolder long ago so I dont think that’s it

Sorry if I have been wasting your time with Dragger.

I just thought it might help. Maybe there is still a way using it, I just can’t find that much.

Me neither tbh, and it’s okay as long as it worked. It was worth the shot