Making a ROBLOX tram system

To not waste your time, I am going to say it quick.

I am making a ROBLOX public transport game and I want to add trams to the game, similar to the trams that are used in the game Bathwick & Somerset - Trams/Buses/Trains - Roblox

I dont really care about how advanced or simple the model is at this stage, I just want to get the technical side of things done.

How could I do this?


I made a train model up for another person who posted a train tutorial.
It’s very basic, but it works. I didn’t put anything about having it stop at stations since right now I’d just be guessing at how to do that.
If you read through my posts I explain how you can change the VectorForce in the train carriage to get it to move.

CFraming a train, or Lerping it, or Tweening it doesn’t give the same Player/train movement since CFrame movement is like tiny teleportations of Anchored Parts.