Making a sideways elevator

Hey everyone,

What I am making:
So I am trying to make an elevator, but it’s an elevator that goes up and down and left and right. Well… It’s more of a high-speed transporter I guess.

What I want to know:
I am having trouble figuring out how to make this. The elevator itself is a model. I saw some threads here talking about Prismatic Constraints, but I don’t know how to make it go left and right too.

What I tried:
I tried using a loop and moving the model’s primary part so far. But my character just doesn’t stick to the ground, and it doesn’t for any moving platform I find in the tool box.

I saw this, but how do I use it?

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I mean its probably not what your looking for but you can always use seats/weld the character to it.

You can weld the character to the bottom of the elevator when it starts moving. The character won’t be able to move, but he/she will move along with the elevator.

@SquidyCakez Thanks for the suggestion, however, these methods feel rather old. I am going for a sci-fi look so I want to get the feel. I was hoping with this new moving platform update would fix these issues.

@C0lvy123 I feel like that would be an uncomfortable experience for players.

I am generally looking for a more developed and advanced solution. But thanks for responding!

:thinking: Maybe move all players in the elevator along with the elevator itself? Example:

for i = 1, 50 do
Elevator.Floor.Position = Elevator.Floor.Position +,0,0)

--Get the players in the elevator
local Players = {}
local TouchingParts = Elevator.Floor:GetTouchingParts()
for _, Part in pairs(TouchingParts) do
if game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Part.Parent) then
table.Insert(Players, Part.Parent)

--Move the players along with the elevator
for_, Player in pairs(Players) do
Player.HumanoidRootPart.Position = Player.HumanoidRootPart.Position +,0,0)

I feel like that would give a bit of a glitchy outcome? I am really curious why:
^ That doesn’t seem to be kicking in?

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I know Roblox physics works badly with unattached unanchored Parts/Humanoids.
I do know Aotrou (Aotrou's Portfolio) was working on something a while ago that seemed pretty promising but I don’t know what it was for or if he was planning on sharing it with others.
As far as PrismaticConstraints go, connect one in the vertical direction to a transparent Part, for the up and down, then connect the second one to the vertically moving Part for the left/right.
Should be easy to script as long as you make sure the names of the Parts containing the PrismaticConstraint are correctly referred to in the script.

Thanks for the reply. I prefer to use tween service or something to move it so it can go anywhere, but right now the biggest problem is just the character moving everywhere. If I anchored it and tried to move it, would it work better?

If you Anchor Parts and move them players won’t move with them. You would have to weld them to the elevator while moving.

I was in Aotrou’s test place for his physics test and the play was perfect and seamless. I was on a truck he was driving around and could walk and jump without getting thrown off the vehicle.
Pretty awesome.

Maybe if you move it with a body mover, it will carry the player with it?

Check out this post which should give you an insight on how to do this:

Thanks for that. So the one Roblox put in just doesn’t work right now?