Making A Solar Eclipse

I am making a death star cut scene for a star wars style game. However I am unsure on how to create a solar eclipse visual effect like in this scene from Star Wars: Rouge One. I have tried placing a gigantic black sphere at the area of the sun, but it just looks like a blackhole.

If you have any ideas on how to achieve this please let me know. Thanks!


I think placing a gigantic black sphere at the area of the sun is all you need for completing this scene.

Did you try playing around with the lighting to see if it gets the vibe you’re looking for ?

I’d say the SunRaysEffect, the ColorCorrectionEffect and the DepthOfFieldEffect would be of a great help. Make sure to try that out.

I think you have to manually make a new sun with a billboard gui, maybe make the moon animation by using sprite sheets:

wow I really wanna see how this turns out, its a great idea

After a bit of testing to get the best effects, I have found a way to make an eclipse as realistic. In order to help future developers looking at this post, and the developers on this post here is how I achieved this:

You have to create a make-shift sun, using a sphere and make it bright as possible. And you have to make another sphere, a bit smaller for the moon.

Then you have to copy the parts and place it into Replicated Storage. All visual effects must be done locally. Billboards are a bit hacky due to the fact how they behave.

You must disable the default sun by adding a custom sky and removing the sun textures.

Then script the effects you wish to happen. Here is a final product for a place I made:

Solar Eclipse Example RussellSchutle.rbxl (1.6 MB)

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