Making a train go around a corner piece of track

Hi, I’m not really sure where to put this as I think it could be solved in many ways, I just have no idea what they are. I’ve seen things that use CFrames (Ideally Id like to use roblox physics) but I want to make my train go around corners and go up hills. I don’t know what to do but I don’t want it to be automated, it needs to be player controlled.

Any ideas are appreciated!

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You can try using VehicleSeat

But how do you make it go around corners?

“a” key

however i do not know how would you make the whole train go around because of the limits.

So maybe use a script, hide a vehicle seat per train part and name it, then increase the throttle of that seat, so that it will be increased speed while the player is not on.

You also should attach the train cars via some kind of link, so they are not just random train cars unattached.

Note: make sure that the AreHingesDetected per train car, is set to the amount of wheels used per train car.

Not sure if you still need this but that solution seemed pretty poor. I would use a BodyVelocity system to move the train. The way I do it is I have a throttle value that then gradually increases on decreases the velocity of the train. The coaches/cars/carriages are connected with a rod constraint positioned in the centre of the bogie.

You can see it working here (note that the wheels are rotated using a script - the wheels have no affect on the train’s movement) Moving wheels and sounds testing

The train is guided by a system of “gliders” which are basically spheres between the rails to make it follow the tracks.