Making tools disappear when killing other Player

One thing I have seen games do but I have not been able to replicate is making guns disappear on kill. I know it would have something to do with raycast and/or detecting if you DID kill someone then moving the tool to ServerStorage but I am a newer scripter and do not know how to do that. Any suggestions?

Wait so, do you mean when the Killer kills a Target, the Killer’s tools disappear? Or is it the other way around?

If a player has a gun for example, and they kill someone, how would I go about detecting if they killed someone is the jist of it

Ah, you’d use CreatorTags for that

CreatorTags are basically just kill checks, in your Instance it seems like you’re wanting to make a tool disappear after a player dies

What we could possibly do, is upon the Target’s death we can remove the tools in the Killer’s backpack (& Character), give them a random tool in ServerStorage & parent it to their backpack maybe?

Alright, ill give that a shot. Thank you!

Np, I’d also recommend looking at the post (And the others below it) to figure out how CreatorTags can work as well :wink: