Many's Ray Tracer 2.1! [GI and MORE!]

Nice, it looks sweet.

How bad of a performance hit is it? Are you saying only use it in small demo like games if at all?

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It is usable on mobile, I haven’t done any specific performance tests yet. But it is not as bad as my last one.



Added new Attributes:

  • GiBrightnessLimit - Determines the minimum and maximum brightness for bounce lights
  • GiRangeLimit - Determines the minimum and maximum range for bounce lights
  • RayMultiplier - The multiplier for the amount of rays fired with any ray based effect (affects how long light effects last)
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can you add a future version BC future is more realistic then shadow map?

You can try to configure it to work better by decreasing the amount of rays and the increasing the lights minimum range. Haven’t tested that though but it might work.

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How do I do that BC I can’t script :frowning:

It is pretty simple, you don’t have to script anything, if you have the properties window open and select the script and scroll down, you will get all the configuration options. (there is another script inside of the script title “DOCUMENTATION” if you want to know what each option does, also sorry for late response).

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Can you say the settings what settings I need to put it works very good or like normal in future lighting

Here is a basic configuration that makes future lighting somewhat work (I spent about a minute or two making this and then I tested it and it seems to work fine :+1:)

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Okay thanks you but can you add next one godrays so you can see rays in moblie and in pc Okay

When you add beams coming out of the sun Sundays or godrays but more realistic and it works on moblie too that was cool

Nice to hear it works on mobile! I can try to create a demo for “god rays” and see if it would look good enough to be a part of the script.


Okay I want godrays and it need not to be lagy BC some are lagy

One more idea you can add dust light when there is light beam like the sun or the spotlight then there will be dust flying what you see there this flying things are round are dust light

And then we can add dust more or not more and can so yea we can set it


The dust can be made using a particle if you wish. If you want the dust to be everywhere where the camera is then run a RenderStepped loop with moving the part towards the cameras CFrame Position.


But can you add you can turn on dust light and turn off dust light like the fog BC I can’t script :frowning:

I can program a script for you when I get home and open my computer because I feel like it doesn’t fit in this script.

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Okay does it lag? Like on moblie or on pc

If you are talking about the dust effect changing positions every frame, then no. It shouldn’t lag.

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You will do it realistic?
Like is realistic and it moves