Map lag problem


We have a game called Sneek, a dutch roleplay game. We are busy with a new map. Now is the problem, some locations on the map are lagging a bit and we dont know why. We have tried many tips such as reducing many meshes such as trees, turning on StreamingEnabled etc. Both didn’t really help, only StreamingEnabled for 1 part of the map, only our business park is still a lot lagging. We don’t have that many parts either, around 68k parts, and it’s not that big of a map either, which makes it a bit illogical that our map should be really laggy on some parts.

In short, we are left with a puzzle: why is our map lagging?


Did you tried SolidModeling?

Yes we did and it doesn’t work

You should check out this helpful thread:

Ways to reduce lag in your games :slight_smile:

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Have you tried removing all unions if you have any? Unions always calculate geometry so they cause a lot of lag. Also I suggest you remove a lot of map features that are unnecessary. If you have any parts that aren’t seen publicly then just remove them.

Hey, im the owner of the game.

We tried removing all unions but that didnt even help too. And i dont think there is any chance its a backdoor because we barely use free models in our map. We also tried to enable StreamingEnabled but that did not help.

Second, we tried removing some buildings and that did also not help. Its just lagg on various places of the map.

In case you have any parts which partial transparency- try to make them all transparency 0 or just remove them because they take a bit of memory.

don’t think its that because most buildings in the game are sort of decorate and dont have interior

Just from joining the map, the first thing I see is unnecessary detail; things which could easly be textures but are made out of individual parts.

All these parts that form lines could easily be replaced with a single texture

You should also replace these gaps with gray lines in a texture.

A lot of these opaque windows outside of areas where players would normally stand in and not just drive by should also be replaced with a texture.

These fence lines could also be textures.


Not to mention how notorious AChassis is for lagging games. Lag doesn’t necessarily have to come from building.

In short, there fix I see is replacing unnecessary detail with less resource-using counterparts or removing it completely.

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Do you have a lot of terrain? If so, you can try removing unnecessary bits of it. In my experience this is often helpful.

If your terrain is really thick but only the top layer is seen, try making it thinner.

If you use meshes that you didn’t create, you may need to check them for tri count. I ran across a cupcake one time (yes a tiny cupcake) that if you got within 50 studs of it, your pc fan would spin up and the screen would lag really bad. When I put the cupcake in blender to check it, it had 100K+ tri-count if I recall correctly(maybe more). Deleting the cupcake fixed the lag.

I guess a high tri count in a dense area does this?

It would be nice if there was a way to click a mesh and see the tri-count in studio!

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That map you’re talking about, was not the map i meant and is outdated because we dont update that anymore. We are building a full new map and there we had the lagg in (its not out yet) We tried everything, even some tips from the people that replied on this post, but nothing really helped.

Nope we use parts with grass material

If your game has a lot of MeshParts, I wrote a topic that helps with a handful of lag-reducing properties that you can use.

Well could be several reasons, You can try to reduce lag by turning off shadows for parts that don’t need them.
Enable streaming. (If it’s a big map)
Deleting unnecessary parts.
Reducing particles, and using bigger textures for particles.
Turn unions into meshes.
Good luck fixing the lag.

We fixed it already, thanks for the help!