Map layout problems

Hello! We are currently working on a low-poly, cartoony type game but are struggling with how the map layout should be. We want to include a cafe, homestore, item store, ice rink, amongst other things. Whats the best way to go about this? How should we plan out the map layout? Whats the best way?



My recommendation is to look at all the things you are thinking of adding and make a “street” layout which shows where each building will be, from there add misc buildings on separate streets and get a general idea of a city/town layout then take some of the streets which would look good on there own and place them in areas which they would work in around the map, then improve and expand.


It really depends on what type of layout your wanting to layer out your builds, I would sketch a map layout of a piece of paper. Layer parts out on where your wanting these specific locations to be. If you’re trying to plan things out on a map use a blueprint of a image on how your using it, you can either produce one in a painting software to have by your side when setting up the map.

There are examples of a map layout that would look well with incorporating these buildings within the scene, at the end it’s up to you on how your wanting it to look like. Try gathering a few photos that match the concept your going for to get inspired on how to plan your map: Here is a thread thread that goes into more depth about ‘Map planning’.


I don’t really plan my layout. I just place stuff whatever and sometimes change it if I don’t like it.

If you want to plan, then got some paper and pencil and draw. Keep a recycle bin nearby as you’ll probably change it up a couple. You want a map that the player can easily make their way through.


When I plan map layouts, I do it for the purpose of the place first and foremost. While you don’t include details about what it is in your case, I’m assuming you want to have the map act as a social interaction area. So you want to set it up to draw people to specific locations and plan it around where you want people to naturally congregate. You mention an ice rink, which would act as a decent central point to a map such as that, possibly with a small plaza around? It depends a lot on what you want to do with it and only you know your own creative vision. Use some large parts, play around with different layouts, and see what fits your game, your style, and your player’s convenience!