March 31, 2023 Off-roading epic changelog

New stuff

  • Added 1 new vehicle
  • Farming help menu on the cove map
  • Added tire treads to 1 vehicle
  • Added backup alarms to 5 vehicles
  • Lawn service job on cove map
  • You now get fined when touching the grass in the cove hotel
  • Renamed “longcreek lawn service” job to “lawn service”

Updated sounds

  • New rain and hail sounds
  • New button click sounds
  • New backup alarm sound
  • Updated a few vehicle sounds


  • Weather fades in slower
  • Turn signal sounds aren’t as loud
  • Leaf spring suspension improvements

:ant: Bug fixes :bug:

  • Fixed where paint customization would sometimes break
  • Fixed where implements wouldn’t turn off when disconnecting them
  • Fixed “pole” tool
  • Fixed where you couldn’t join friends in private servers?
  • Fixed tire treads on 4 vehicles

Update credits


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